Brief Encounter
Brief Encounter
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‘I love you. You love me too. It’s no use pretending it hasn’t happened, ‘cause it has.’  A memorable line from a memorable movie, and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, there’s an upcoming screening of David Lean and Noël Coward’s classic weepie, “Brief Encounter“, coming soon to the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra playing the soundtrack live.   


They’ve remade just about every other classic film from the golden age, but thankfully not this one, hailed as one of the greatest romances of the big screen. I imagine it must have passed through some agent’s mind: starring Kate Winslet, maybe, and possibly Hugh Laurie. But then they will have screened it and realized immediately it would be impossible. A contemporary audience wouldn’t have any patience with the unconsummated romance in a railway station buffet between happily-married but bored Home Counties lady Laura (Celia Johnson) and the stoic, equally-married Alec (Trevor Howard).


It would demand that she surrendered immediately. It would probably regard her insistence on decency as another word for hypocrisy. The film would last fifteen minutes, tops. But while Brief Encounter has never been remade, there was, however, one very, very memorable parody of it, and so wickedly well-done it could only have come from the late great Victoria Wood and hailed as one of her cleverest, funniest and heartwarming sketches.


Leica M3 & 1.4/50mm Summilux pre-asph ver 2

Sekonic L-308S

Ilford HP5+ (400)

ID-11 (1+1 – 13min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan


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