Splitting Hairs
Splitting Hairs
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I emerged from the festive season hibernation feeling a bit decrepit – decrepit, but not dead, as some readers worried with the lack of blog activity. But having scarcely left my humble abode since winter began, I was in need of a haircut. What hair I have left on my head is sparse, but it was getting long.


Yes, it’s a sad fact that with advancing years I have started to become follicly challenged – or follicularly challenged, but let’s not split hairs on it – but either way a haircut was the order of the day, so I ambled along Viccy Road  to the confines of Soran Gents Barbers to seek out Soran for the job.  Believe me, it was a quick job.


But being follicly challenged made me even more depressed when I returned to find in my mailbox a link to the latest gizmo: the internet hairbrush, which left me feeling for the first time that technology could well be passing me by. I’m sure there are many hirsute millennials out there who will probably think it’s cool to connect their hairbrush to the internet.  But no, definitely not here.


Almost every other bit of my anatomy can be – and is – monitored effectively. I have the body scale and the blood pressure monitors – which readers and family members will be only too glad to hear that they constantly reassure me I am still alive –  but now I feel excluded. I haven’t needed a hairbrush for many, many years now.  You see, there’s nothing left to brush anymore and consequently no brush to brush nothing with.


Leica M6 Classic & 2/35mm Summicron pre-asph (King of Bokeh)

B+W  Yellow Filter

Ilford HP5+ (@400)

HC-110 (Dil.H – 1:63 @ 11 minutes)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan



  • Glad you are doing well. Lots of photo ops here in Seattle yesterday at the women's march.

    • Yes, Beth, I saw the reports from across the US of the large swell of support for the various marches - and in particular looked out the Seattle one. Made me feel envious - I should have been there to at least swell the ranks by one!

  • Apparently there was a headline about Trump in one of the U.S. newspapers which is appropriate to this blog topic. "We shall overcomb."

    • Yes, I saw that one - but unfortunately I have nothing 'over' left to comb.

  • Back!!

  • At least you're able to admit that you are hair challenged, John. Unlike our new "Elected Official."

  • Don't worry, John! You're not alone. As the saying goes " grass doesn't grow on a busy street ". Keep busy!