The Truth Is Out There….
The Truth Is Out There….
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“The truth is out there” was, of course, the tagline for The X-Files, as Mulder and Scully went about searching for aliens and UFOs.  Finding aliens and UFOs look’s a breeze though compared to trying to fathom out the truth the Tory UK government has for Brexit, after David Cameron stupidly gambled the house on holding the referendum vote on June 23rd, his cunning wheeze to outfox his own barmy band of backbench Brexiters and Nigel Farage’s Ukippers.


Here in Scotland, we voted 62-38 to Remain; and there were similarly large margins for this in Northern Ireland and London. But in the rest of England and Wales, they foolishly fell for all the fibs and declared that they wanted to Leave – and that carried the vote that split the country, with the final tally being 52.5-47.5. And on Sunday, it will be 100 days since the vote to leave the EU – and there’s mounting concerns that the government still doesn’t have the foggiest notion of what they are doing, especially after new PM Theresa May’s ridiculously vacuous statement that “Brexit means Brexit”.  


But now many of those that said they wanted to leave are beginning to regret their decision, as the wonderfully whimsical ‘Passport to Pimlico’ outlook painted for them by the “Three Brexiteers” – Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Brexit Secretary David Davis and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox – is now looking more like heading for the reality of the slow-motion car crash that’s the so-called ‘hard Brexit’.  And that car crash analogy is fitting when you hear the worrying news today from car giants Renault-Nissan.


The Franco-Japanese company – which builds around one in three of all of Britain’s total automotive output at its Sunderland plant – are now demanding the UK Government to pledge compensation for any extra costs as a result of Brexit before it invests in the future of its Sunderland plant (one of the biggest employers in the region) or else they’ll up sticks and move elsewhere in Europe.


There are many hardships coming, and many jobs are set to be lost, particularly in those regions that voted to Leave, such as Sunderland.  Many in the Leave side are now beginning to regret the folly of their vote, and they become somewhat sheepish when you ask them how they voted. From where I’m sitting it’s all beginning to look like France after 1945 – “Me? Vote Leave? Nah, mate – I was with the Resistance.”


Leica M3 & 1.4/50mm Summilux pre-asph v2

Sekonic L-308S

Ilford FP4+ (250)

Xtol 1+1 (12min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan


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  • John in the same vein our inimitable Congress voted into law the ability to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11. Now the same Congress is blaming their veto override on Obama. Go figure!!