Community Spirit
Community Spirit
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Ah, Partick! Famous for its community spirit, although some joker here claims it to be ‘*non-alcoholic’ – as if. But for those not au fait with Partick, that’s the bit of the salubrious West End (running off Byres Road and the Clydeside slipway) that still feels, well, properly Glaswegian: cool café bars, delis and boutiques sitting tooth by rough-shaven jowl with classic boozers, betting shops, greasy spoons and pound stores.


It was home to one of the most famous Glaswegians ever.  Billy Connolly spent his childhood reading and dreaming in Partick Library on Dumbarton Road, and talked frequently of the fabled boozers there.  Traditional boozers that ‘serviced’ those – like Billy – who worked in the shipyards.  


But the shipyards are long gone now, and the traditional boozers are also going that way with the gentrification of Partick, as it morphs into a hipster overspill for trendy Byres Road.  Yes, Partick is being ‘hipsterized’, and I can physically see it change with each regular visit I make there – and mainly in the venerable old working-class boozers.


The latest being the legendary old Partick Tavern on Dumbarton Road, a fabled working-class watering hole, which has been rebranded and relaunched by the owner of the nearby upmarket The Lismore and Oran Mor, more looking for the hipster clientele. Now admittedly the Tavern was well past its sell-by date, and was crying out for major change – hell, what was it with that garish paint job on the outside? – but its new look doesn’t appear to be attracting the true locals in for a friendly afternoon pint.  


Leica M3 & 1.4/50mm Summilux pre-asph v2

Sekonic L-308S

Ilford FP4+ (@125)

HC-110 (Dil. B – 7 min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan