Brief Encounter
Brief Encounter
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One from the “Words that will come back to haunt you” department.  Back in early August of last year, former Leicester striker Gary Lineker, now BBC sports presenter, famously said he would present the first Match of the Day for the next season in only his pants if Leicester won the league, with them being outrageous outsiders at 5,000/1 to do so. 


Guess what?  Yes, Gary is now busy rummaging through his underwear drawer….so  bookies Paddy Power are now offering odds on what colour his briefs will be, with Leicester’s colour of blue odds on at 4/9. Gary himself pointed out the flaw in this betting when he contacted Paddy Power on social media to ask: “Can I have a thousand pounds on polka dots at 33/1?” 


Somehow I can’t ever imagine the late great Arthur Montford of Scotsport fame – he of the many varied chequered sports jackets and memorable catchphrases including “What a stramash”, “It’s a sensation!” and his omnipresent “Disaster for Scotland” to name but a few – ever getting involved in such an unseemly event, could you?


Leica M3 & 2/50mm Summicron v5

B+W  Yellow Filter

Sekonic L-308S,

Ilford FP4+ (250)

Xtol 1+1 (12min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan