A Moving Tale
A Moving Tale
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Seattle…well, I kind of miss the old place for many, many reasons. Fine weather is a good one; another two being the omnipresent Space Needle dominating the skyline (and therefore many of my archived photos), and the old haunt of Glazer’s Camera (well, I miss it, but apparently not my bank manager!), the photographer’s answer to Cheers without the alcohol, where everyone knows your name and not forgetting your credit card number.


Fittingly, the last photo I took in Seattle – on Black Friday, 28th November 2014, just before Homeland Security finally caught up with me – was a Space Needle shot I knew I would never be able to replicate when I returned, as basically that fenced-off gapping big hole in the ground was the original site for Glazer’s, as the 80-year-old Seattle institution temporarily had to move across the road and cram into their other location, with a new purpose-built store and condos being built. 


But my how time flies and multi-storied buildings erected these days, because popping recently into my inbox was the latest Glazer’s Newsletter announcing their Spring Clean Moving Sale this coming weekend, 8-9 April, as the ‘Big Red‘ readies itself for a return back to their original spot on Republican Street near South Lake Union.   


Leica M3 & 50mm Summilux v2

Sekonic L-308s

Ilford XP2 400 (320)

Developed & Scanned at Bartells