The Lecture
The Lecture
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Since my somewhat extended, and almost a decade-long Seattle sojourn, returning home I have been very pleasantly surprised to discover all the wonderful street art that I encountered in different parts of the city; and these uplifting and playful works undoubtedly contribute much to enhancing the streets of old Glesga’.


A majority of these prodigious wall murals were commissioned by the City Council from 2008 and is ongoing; and many renowned local artists took part in the project including Smug and Rogue One. And today’s photo, by Smug, is entitled ’The Lecture’, and can be found on the now-extended University of Strathclyde campus on North Portland Street, which in 1964 received its Royal Charter as the UK’s first technological university. 


The Belfast murals however these ain’t – and I recently watched an enlightening new documentary on Netflix, Art of Conflict, from the unlikely figure of Hollywood star Vince Vaughn, on all those controversial murals on both sides of the sectarian divide during the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, that’s well worth adding to your watch list.


Leica M3 & 4/21mm Super Angulon

Ilford FP4+ (200)

Sekonic L-308S

Xtol 1+1 (12min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan