Christ Died For…
Christ Died For…
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During these dark, dreich days of winter, the fruit shops of Victoria Road glow, a blaze of colour, lights strung from canopies shining down on pomegranates the size of infants’ heads, outdazzling even the sign of the evangelical church further up the road, which informs Govanhill – in bold, pink neon block capitals that lights up at night – that Christ died for our sins.


I say Christ loosely, as locals often infer it was “Chris” who did all the dying for our sins, because  invaribly the T goes out. But it’s symbolic nevertheless of the many and varied houses of worship in my locale of Govanhill – an area that has long been Scotland’s most culturally diverse neighbourhoods – and the way communities create their own places of comfort within a larger whole.


The neon sign – photographed from under the cover of a bus shelter, on an extremely wet night – has indeed become ingrained in the Southside culture; and not just as a house of worship or perhaps a beacon to guide you home on a boozy night as you stagger up the Viccy Road.  The sign was used to promote a pleasantly entertaining new surreal comic thriller last year at Glasgow’s Citiziens Theatre, Fever Dream: Southside, directed by Dominic Hill.


Leica M3 & 1.4/50mm Summilux pre-asph v2

Ilford FP4+ (@200)

Sekonic L-308S

HC-110 (Dil. H – 12.30min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan