Je Suis Cecil
Je Suis Cecil
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There was rightly worldwide outrage earlier this year when an American dentist killed a famous lion in Zimbabwe called Cecil. Rather than a routine procedure gone wrong, the medical worker had actually paid roughly £35,000 to hunt the animal, seemingly unaware of the lion’s popularity.


Almost immediately, the fight for justice for Cecil was taken to Trafalgar Square in London. One of the bronze lion sculptures in the square was adorned with the slogan ‘Je suis Cecil’, which takes inspiration from the phrase ‘Je suis Charlie’, that was used to show solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo killings in January.


There’s also been tributes to Cecil through art. Recently the elusive Tontine Lane in Glasgow had a makeover and was open to the public, albeit briefly. For some time the lane has remained locked to the public, and it’s beautiful neon signs switched off, but for a couple of weeks in July/August the lane housed a pop-up restaurant and live art. Near the end of this run, I was lucky enough to see the legendary Belgian graffiti artist DZIA at work.


The artist, who has been commissioned by the likes of Mercedes and Dr Martens, specialises in painting urban settings quickly, completing many of his large scale animalistic murals in just one hour. His mural of choice was a lion to highlight the similarities between Scotland and Belgium, which features on Scotland’s lion rampant flag and the Belgian coat of arms – and in addition, he mentioned it was also a little further tribute for us all to remember Cecil by.


Olympus OM1 & 1.2/50mm Zuiko
Ilford FP4+ (125)
Ilfosol 3 (1+14 – 7:30 minutes)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan