Take A Tip
Take A Tip
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It’s been a truly delightful lunch. The coffees consumed, the food scoffed. And being suitably refuelled, you’ve had the bill and left.  But did you do the honourable thing and leave a tip? Well, take a tip from me and don’t – if you’re paying  by card.


It used to embarrass friends in Seattle when the restaurant or cafe bill would arrive, and they were left gobsmacked as I would instinctively put a pen stroke through the service charge part when I paid by card. Many thought I was just a stereotypical Scot by being mean with my money – however, I explained I would never pay the service charge by card, only hard cash, as many bad employers were creaming off tips being left for their poor, hard-working staff. “That simply doesn’t happen,” they would laugh loudly.


But now several UK restaurant chains – who are raking in millions and poorly paying staff, many on zero hour contracts – have come under investigation for abusing the process by pocketing a percentage of the tips paid by card. Some of the country’s best known chains including Pizza Express, Strad, Zizzi, Ask Italian and Giraffe were accused of keeping part of the service charge automatically added to bills, ranging from 8 to 10 per cent, claiming this was for “administrative and other business costs.”


Now, with a government investigation ongoing, following a campaign led by trade union Unite that sparked a huge public backlash, several of these big chains caught in the scandal are now frantically backtracking on taking “their own tips”. Funny how all these mega-million chains only change their tack after being found out, isn’t it?


Leica M3 & 2/50mm Summicron V
Sekonic L-308S
Ilford FP4+ (125)
Ilfosol 3 (1+14 – 7:30 minutes)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan



  • Yeah I'm glad you make an issue of this, the same is going on in US to wit our very rich chef Batali

  • I ALWAYS leave a Cash Tip ... Cash is still King in my book
    Even more so today , harder and harder to come by

  • I write "table" and leave cash. Whether good service or bad, the same amount even for a cup of coffee. No math involved. If I did math I would have to charge them. LOL.