The Mouse That Roared
The Mouse That Roared
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There’s a wonderful 1959 Peter Sellers movie called The Mouse That Roared, all about the economic woes of the fictitious smallest country in the world, The Duchy of Grand Fenwick. They’re on the brink of bankruptcy, and come up with the wheeze of declaring war on America – the plan being to invade with a token force armed with bows and arrows, immediately surrender with no casualties on either side, after which the US, which it has historically done, will provide vast financial aid to rebuild the country.


Of course, it all goes comedically wrong. Sellers’ main character, Tully, somehow against the odds and everyones expectations, ends up winning the war and Grand Fenwick is horrified at the prospect that they now might have to provide financial assistance to rebuild America! But what does all this have to do with today’s photo showing books of Lenin and a “Lenin”-like corduroy hat in a Glasgow Oxfam bookshop display, I hear you all ask?


The answer is the newly-elected Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn MP – his stunning victory today reminds me so much of The Mouse That Roared. When he threw his own Lenin cap into the ring just a few months back, he was the 200-1 token candidate of the hard left who scraped into the contest only thanks to charity nominations from Labour MPs. Now, in one of the biggest earthquakes in British politics, he was swept to power and now leads them! (And for Americans  perhaps wondering what Corbyn’s political leanings are, let’s just say that by comparison Bernie Sanders could be considered a staunch Republican!)


But in this age of austerity with grotesque levels of inequality in our society, things had to dramatically change in British and particularly Labour politics – you simply can’t have a two-party state consisting of Tory and Tory Lite. Labour learned that to their electoral cost here in Scotland, by being all but politically wiped out by a leftwing-leaning nationalist tsunami. And yes, as a former Labour party apparatchik, I duly paid my £3 supporters fee and voted for Jeremy “Jez We Can” Corbyn.


Leica M3 & 1.4/50mm Summilux V2

Kodak Tri-X (@320)

Rodinal/R09 (1+50 – 9.5 min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan