Jingle Hell’s Bells
Jingle Hell’s Bells
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No matter what Wizzard catchily sang in my youth, we have ruined Christmas by allowing capitalism to tell us we should be buying ourselves into an orgy of goodwill and glamour. What am I talking about, you might be asking yourselves? It is, in fact, the sad news this week that Selfridges’ in London have already dedicated its fourth floor into a festive winter wonderland – and here we are in the first week of August!


Yes, that’s right, with some 140 shopping days before the big day, they got Santa out of his hibernation sleep early to launch their Christmas shop – and typically, the shop’s first customers were Americans visiting London on holiday. I say ‘typically’, because – although I do really like them – I blame Americans more than anyone for the blatant over-commercialisation of Christmas.


Last year the TUC published a study that showed the average British adult borrowed £685 over the festive period, grinding them into a debt that would take until June to pay off – hey, just in time for the opening of Selfridges’ Christmas shop! We have ruined Christmas, without even trying. Perhaps, if we really do want to spread comfort and joy this year, we should accept it for what it is; a day. Just a day. Whatever Roy Wood or Selfridges tells us.


Leica M6 Classic & 1.4/50mm Summilux V2

Kodak TMax 400

Xtol (1+1 – 10 min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan