See You, Jimmy…
See You, Jimmy…
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Just to show you that we Scots have a sense of humour…here’s the height of Caledonian sartorial elegance in today’s photo – the See You Jimmy hat. This is perhaps the most potent symbol of national self mockery, almost as if straight out of Mike Myers’ brilliant movie So I Married an Axe Murderer (“Heid! Move!) – and here we are giving them away to anyone buying Scotland’s main national newspaper!


Ok, I can perhaps hear those hard of Scottish Stateside now asking: “But who’s Jimmy, and why do I see him?” The phrase “See you?” is a charming traditional Scottish preamble to warm and friendly conversation. “Jimmy”, due to the popularity of the name James in Scotland’s quainter districts, is a sort of John Doe, a wildcard for any random passer-by. And taken as a whole, “See you, Jimmy” is a warm opening to a folksy chat.  


The hat with combined ginger wig became a caricature of our nation when we used to beat England at football (and again, for those Stateside, this is soccer) on a regular basis and continually qualified for the World Cup.  And if it wasn’t Wembley being ‘invaded’ by hordes of Scottish fans – commonly known as the ‘Tartan Army’, who invariably would be attired in battle dress of kilt, Scotland top and tartan Tam O’Shanter-styled bunnets with a clump of their ginger hair sticking out of the side of it – then it was countries with decidedly warmer climes such as Argentina, Spain, Mexico and the USA.


Recent years we haven’t faired so well in qualifying for the World Cup. But instead, with no team in the finals to support, we have no problems in qualifying in the subtle art of xenophobia: otherwise known as Anyone But England, as witness last year’s World Cup in Brazil, when the TV cameras panned around the jubilant Uruguay fans after they took the lead against the Auld Enemy, and there was this iconic image that went viral of an even more jubilant lone Scot, frantically waving the saltire above his head that had a See You Jimmy hat on it.


Yes, there speaks a nation – and it says “See you, Jimmy!”


Leica M6 Classic & 2.8/90 Elmarit

Ilford FP4+ (@100)

HC-110 (Dil.H – 1:63 @ 10:30 minutes)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan


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  • Right John you have some explaining to do... no comment on the lady with the Gas Mask on? Then again you might have missed a trick...50 shades of ginger?