The Rain Rained
The Rain Rained
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“The rain rained.” So began Ted Lewis’s novel Jack’s Return Home. And even if you’ve never read the book, there’s a good chance you’ll probably have seen Mike Hodges’ superb movie adaptation of it. It’s called Get Carter and stars a gritty Michael Caine in a career-defining role in this cult British gangster movie from 1971 that put a whole new twist into being “held up” by a double-barreled shotgun.


But Lewis broke rule number one of Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing, that you should never start a book with the weather, but it worked for him. And to be fair, Leonard continues in his rule on weather that, “There are exceptions,” and this seems to be one – and another exception is this blog, because the rain rained here in Scotland with July being nothing short of a windy washout.


I had to laugh at the irony and optimism of the “1ST Hint of Sunshine” banner draping from the St Enoch’s Centre advertising summer wear, as we’ve not seen anything of summer here, where instead there’s been an unexpected and unseasonal rise in sales of Gore-Tex gear, as all Scots are currently taking part in the new summer activity of “hugging a radiator.”


Double the normal rainfall levels have drenched parts of Scotland – this was the reason for a Monday finish for golfing’s British Open in St. Andrews recently –  with most weather stations recording their wettest July on record. And while we’re on the subject of records, one day of the month also recorded the coldest temperature ever for a July day since records began.


Previously the wettest July on record was in 1940 with 186mm, while 2009 was ninth wettest with 2010 the fourth wettest, clocking up an average of 166mm of rain. Temperatures have also fallen to 4C (39F) in Edinburgh. A low of 5C (41F) has been recorded in Paisley near Glasgow, Islay has seen 4C and Strathallan in Perthshire just 2C (35F).


Leica M6 Classic & 40mm Summcron-C

Kentmere 100
Perceptol (1+1 – 15:30min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan



  • And you had left Seattle:

    • I can't be held responsible for Global Warming and the unexpected shift in the jet stream

  • It has to be one of Caine's BEST performances 'Get Carter'
    and what better way to start than "The rain rained"

    Lovely John ... xo !