High Horses
High Horses
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Two maquettes of The Kelpies, one of Scotland’s best-loved new tourist attractions, could be found throughout the month of June outside the Kibble Palace in the Botanic Gardens. They went on display at the start of the recent West End Festival in Glasgow, the opening day of which saw a record 125,000 people crammed into a pedestrianised, traffic-free Byres Road.


The scale models of the landmark Clydesdale horses’ heads at the Helix Park in Falkirk (which we’ll get to in our travels of the homeland) are being dsiplayed as part of the G20 Heritage Exhibition to highlight the Friends of Queen Margaret Drive fundraiser to conserve a footpath in the street where BBC Scotland once used to reside.


The original Kelpies, by sculpture Andy Scott, made a very big impact when they were installed in 2013, and are already among the country’s most popular visitor attractions. The two towering equine structures stand at 100ft tall; and have now been officially recognised as the largest horse-head sculptures in the world.  So definitely not the sort of thing any film director would like to find at the bottom of his bed when he wakes in the morning!


Leica M6 Classic & 4/21mm Super-Angulon
B+W Yellow Filter
Ilford FP4+(@125)
HC-110 (Dil. B – 7 min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan