Shadow Words
Shadow Words
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Documentarian Tom Stanworth once said that ‘Digital photography is like shaved legs on a man – very smooth and clean but there is something acutely disconcerting about it.’ And there’s still many photographers out there who firmly believe this.  And then again, there’s even more who have gone over to ‘the dark side’ because developing film is too inconvenient for their hectic lifestyles.  


I switched myself from digital back to film – but only after I was ‘turned’ to film again after a year using my first Leica camera, the full-frame M9. And looking through my archives of that wonderful year, there was a lot of photos there that I thought were stunning – and this one from the Seattle Central Library perhaps being being one of them, taken with the older model Elmarit 2.8/28mm (IV) I bought from “Uncle” Bill Kuhns (well, you only get older models from Bill!).


Conceptual artist Ann Hamilton designed and fabricated 7,200 square feet of hardwood floor for the Seattle Public Library. The floor includes words created in raised letters in the 11 languages that are included in the library’s collection.


Leica M9 & 2.8/28mm Elmarit

B&W editing in Silver Efex Pro