Going Dutch
Going Dutch
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My enjoyment of the Victorian wealth of Glasgow is always somewhat tempered by knowing that so much of the prosperity of the time was founded on slavery and the suffering of others. I suppose my uneasiness comes from the fact that many of the things I enjoy in my own life – relatively inexpensive clothes, food, and manufactured goods – come at a price to other people working in sweat shop-conditions in other countries.


But such is the history of Glasgow that much of the Merchant City’s wealth derived from all this Victorian imperialism, and the buildings reflect this. And this tall, thin building could easily pass for being in old Amsterdam but it is, in fact, located in the middle of one of Glasgow’s most busiest and important retail locations on Buchanan Street.


It was originally the home of one of those very large companies that made their humungous fortune from slavery and colonialism: the North British Rubber company. It was designed by Robert Thomson & Andrew Wilson and completed in 1898. The red sandstone ashlar, rich carvings and statues (Allegorical figures of Justice and Truth), and the fact that this building is in one of Glasgow’s most important streets, show you just how prosperous the rubber trade once was in the city.


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  • Really a Lovely Building...
    I'll take the 3rd floor

    • They are ALL lovely buildings from this Victorian era, with many more to come. My only problem with them, as I say, is how many of them amassed their wealth.

  • Unfortunately in this World
    'Greed' will always exist
    Its fir Some, human Nature
    Though it is Good to speak out about the ill will of those that take advantage