The Winch & The Clinch
The Winch & The Clinch
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Stanley Baxter, a well-loved Scottish comedian often tapped into the problems of understanding the Glaswegian dialect with a series of famous sketches from the late 1960s entitled Parliamo Glesca. You see, because here, as Baxter often wryly observed, ”ordinary” words and phrases can often be used colloquially to mean something entirely different!


Take, for example, the word “winch”. You have it in your mind what it is – but here, its more often used to describe a romantic involvement (i.e. playing tonsil hockey) with someone, as in “Are ye winchin?”  The educated etymologists’ say its origins come from “wench”, the old fashioned word for a woman. And in acknowledgment of this Glasgow slang, the bronze sculpture in the middle of the concourse at Buchanan Bus Station has the official title of Wincher’s Stance.


A plaque built into the floor beside the statue said that it was commissioned by the Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive and was named as such by Susan Ritchie, who won a competition in the city’s Evening Times newspaper to come up with its title.  And Wincher’s Stance was in fact a somewhat apt name for this 1994 statue – which some regard as Glasgow’s answer to Alfred Eisenstaedt’s storied photograph of 70 years ago, V-J Day in Times Square  – as it was designed by artist John Clinch! The artist, who died in 2001, was originally from Folkestone in Kent and this was one of his last works.


Leica M3 & 50mm Summilux V2
Sekonic L-308S
Kodak Tri-X (200)
HC-110 (Dil. B – 7 min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan