World Whisky Day
World Whisky Day
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It’s time to raise your glass in honour of World Whisky Day today! Yes, of course, a special day that could only have been created by a Scot – and unlike many Scots who have lost a fortune on the water of life, the Young Scot who was the creator of this day of days recently became a millionaire on the back of his idea.


World Whisky Day – or even World Whiskey Day for our grammatically incorrect American cousins – is held on the third Saturday in May, and was established in 2012 by Blair Bowman, now 24, from his bedroom while studying in Barcelona, after he noticed there was a World Gin Day. After searching online, he was surprised to see that there was not an established annual WWD – so he bought the domain name and kickstarted the event by spreading the word via social media.


But like the whisky, it soon became a fast-growing global brand, and within twelve months WWD was annually attracting around 250,000 attendees to whisky-themed events in over 40 countries, with 12,000 followers on Twitter. And such was its growth & potential, last year a publishing firm, Edinburgh-based Hot Rum Cow, a drinks magazine, purchased the assets of WWD for an undisclosed fee, that was rumoured to run into six figures.


And he’ll need that money to buy one of the special bottles of whisky I saw released for today: the £20,000 exclusive 40-year-old Balvenie, which is sold in a handcrafted box made of 1786 Russian reindeer leather in collaboration with bespoke British shoe maker George Cleverly, that also includes two crystal glasses and a copper dog.


That’s just a little too rich for me – but I’ll raise a glass to celebrate today with my favourite tipple of Oban 14-year-old while watching the wonderful little Ken Loach whisky-fuelled movie on Netflix, The Angels’ Share.


Happy World Whisk(e)y Day!


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