Red Tories
Red Tories
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Next week, we could all be putting on our collective crash-helmets to ready ourselves for Referendum II (this time it’s ‘FREEDOM!’), with the polls predicting the SNP could win a large majority – some even going as far as wildly suggesting a clean sweep of all seats – of Scotland’s 59 Westminster seats at the general election, as disillusionment with Labour, evident during last year’s independence referendum, has turned to visceral raw rage.


Labour’s fiefdom here in Scotland was forged from the socialist fervour and radicalism shown by the Red Clydesiders, led by the likes of John MacLean, Jimmy Maxton, Manny Shinwell and John Wheatley. Now, sadly, the disillusionment with Labour – forged during last year’s independence referendum – has seen the party’s brand going from tops to toxic and they are being dubbed “Red Tories”.


The decline in Scottish Labour has been a long, slow burn exacerbated by the crazy decision to campaign alongside the Tories during last year’s Bitter – sorry, Better – Together referendum campaign. I’m old enough to remember when that wily Labour prime minister, Harold Wilson offered the Common Market referendum vote of 1975, after Ted Heath and his Tory government unilaterally decided to partner with Europe. There were Labour yes and Labour no campaigners but Labour tolerated dissent back then.


The Labour leadership in Westminster should have done the same for the independence referendum. Now they are paying the price, with many believing that there’s now a political realignment, a reconstruction of the politics of Scotland taking place. And on May 7, a voting meltdown will more than likely hasten Scotland’s eventual departure from the union – and somehow I don’t think Lizzy will be exactly ‘purring down the line’ to David Cameron.


Canon EOS 30V/Elan 7E & Canon 50/1.8 (Plastic Fantastic)
B+W Yellow Filter
Kodak Tri-X (200)
HC-110 (Dil. B – 7 min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan