Wild East End
Wild East End
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You’ll certainly find no shortage of cowboys in Glasgow; but there are only two statues erected to known cowboys in the city. One of them is surreal – Lobey Dosser, who featured in our previous blog – and can be found in the West End of the city, and fittingly, the other, directly opposite in the East End of the city, is very real: Buffalo Bill Cody.


In 1891 Buffalo Bill Cody and his legendary Wild West Show rode into Glasgow that November – and they made a lasting impact on the city. Among his travelling troupe was Annie Oakley – of Annie Get Your Gun fame – and a number of Lakota Sioux Indians. Cody’s show had been a major success in America and the highlight of his European tour turned out to be Glasgow.


Events in the Wild West held a deep fascination for Glaswegians, with many having friends and family who had headed there hoping to make their fortune, and tales of frontiersmen and gunslingers became the stuff of legends. Thousands upon thousands turned up to watch their performance that was staged at the East End Exhibition Buildings in Whitehill Street, Dennistoun.


Cody’s Glasgow visit lasted for three months – with each night being sold out – during which time he and his troupe almost became honorary Glaswegians. Cody paid a memorable visit to Ibrox to watch Rangers play Queens Park in a Glasgow Cup tie; his troupe also played a charity match at Celtic Park against the Brandon Club. And one of the Indians, a certain Charging Thunder, became so at home here in Glasgow that he ended up spending a month in Barlinnie prison for assaulting the show’s promoter.


There’s a documentary currently in the works, Buffalo Bill in Scotland, which will mainly feature on Cody’s Glasgow visit. The statue commemorating this somewhat unlikely major theatrical attraction of 1891 was erected nine years ago – and its a little off the trail, hidden in a tiny enclosed park on Whitehill Street, just off of Duke Street.


Leica M3 & 50mm Summilux V2
Sekonic L-308S
Kodak Tri-X (200)
HC-110 (Dil. B – 7 min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan



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