Chess High
Chess High
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Ever since they legalised marijuana in Washington State, one of the places you could find it being more openly used in downtown Seattle was at Westlake Park, not far from the chess community. In fact, the pot was being so openly smoked there that you didn’t even need to buy it – all you had to do was what Bill Clinton claimed he never did, and that’s inhale! And at times, when you were playing, it was almost as if you were also inclined to perform freestyle rollerskating, as in today’s picture!


Well, it now seems the chess community at Westlake Park could have found the ideal training ground for a new pot smokers’ chess tournament I recently stumbled across: the upcoming first Cannabis Consumer Chess Tournament in New Jersey, organised – naturally enough – by community pothead ‘NJ Weedman’, as part of the local campaign there to legalise marijuana.


With a tagline of “Passing the Joint: And Push the Pawn”, it takes place at the Champions Grill in Trenton, NJ, on Thursday 15th January. And keeping with Fide rules, there will be NO SMOKING during the tournament – but first prize will be a bowl of pot! And for those who can’t attend, you can sit back with your own personal supply and watch it live via webcam coverage at:


Olympus OM1 & Zuiko 35mm f/2
Ilford PanF Plus (@25)
Rodinal (1+50 – 12min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan