Dancing in the Street
Dancing in the Street
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Oh, the unbounded “joys” of being forced as a kid at school – much against my will – to learn Scottish Country Dancing: The Gay Gordon, The Dashing White Sargent, Strip the Willow and the Eightsome Reel. It was torture having to learn all those bloody dance steps whilst at the same time having a panic attack dealing with your first real one-on-one contact with a member of the opposite sex!


Trouble is, I also had – and still have to this day – two feet so left that in the summer I wear flip-flips. What I really needed at school was one of those “Easy Guide” to the dance steps. Like those at regular intervals on the east and west sidewalks along Broadway, between Pine and Roy streets, where you can find a collection of inlaid bronze footprints and dance instructions designed by Seattle artist Jack Mackie. Each of the eight groups depicts different dance steps, such as the rumba, mambo, waltz, and tango.


Its part of the Seattle 1% for Art Program, in conjunction with a major facelift of the Broadway sidewalk completed in 1982. The idea is for passerby’s to be encouraged to participate and become part of the artwork by learning the dances.

Leica M6 Classic & 50mm Summilux V2
Ilford FP4+(@100)
HC-110 (Dil.H – 1:63 @ 10 minutes)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan