Eyes on the Board
Eyes on the Board
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Street chess is a commonplace scenario in many cities around the world, in New York, Paris and other places, including here in Seattle – and the downtown Westlake Park is the place to go for street chess, which featured a few months back in a cover story in the Seattle Weekly by Kelton Sears.


Today’s photo is of Barry Forman, one of the regulars from the chess community at Westlake, playing “hooky” from work (he can get away with it, as he’s the boss-man!). And as I seem to have acquired the moniker of “The Champ”, and always on-hand to offer hints and tips to the regulars, Barry recently asked me to take a photo of the board, should I come across a critical position in one of his games, so that we can analyse it later.


However, I think my interpretation of taking a picture of the board during one of Barry’s many games at Westlake somehow differed from what he originally had in mind. Mind you, it is a picture of total concentration, with Barry’s eyes and thoughts firmly fixed on the board.


Olympus OM4T & Zuiko 85mm f/2
Olympus Skylight Filter
Ilford PanF Plus (@64)
Adonal/Rodinal (1+50 – 12min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan