Piping Up
Piping Up
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As the home city of Glasgow gets ready to host yet another World Pipe Band Championship later this month, today’s picture shows Seattle’s finest either finally putting a stop to resident Westlake Park piper, Martin Brendecke (see blog Beecham & Bagpipes), or perhaps being just a tad overzealous in enforcing a rather strict new law that has hit bagpipers in the US.


The skirl of the bagpipes has been the war cry of we Scots for centuries – but now, according to a report published in the newspaper I sometimes pretend to work for, The Scotsman, bagpipers in the US have expressed fear of having their pipes suddenly seized – and that’s something that can bring a tear to a man’s eye. Apparently two US teenagers had their pipes confiscated by border control staff while travelling between Canada and the US, just a couple of days before they were due to fly to Glasgow for the World Pipe Band Championship, under the new Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, because they were made out of ivory.


I have to tell them it could have been worse. In 2001, at the height of the foot-and-mouth crisis, the US customs officers confiscated the haggis I brought with me to Seattle. They then took it out to the runway and shot it five times before dousing it with petrol (it has to be true – it was printed in a book and a newspaper). There are some that would argue – and I’m not one of them – that that would be a vast improvement to anyone playing the bagpipes.


Leica M6 Classic & 40mm Summicron-C
B+W Yellow Filter
Ilford FP4+(@100)
Perceptol (Stock – 12min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan