Pride & Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice
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Seattle is always rated highly among The Advocate’s annual picks for America’s Gayest Cities, and this year’s Pride Parade last weekend celebrated its 40th anniversary. This year’s theme — “Generations of Pride”— honoured civil rights battles in the city that elected its first openly gay mayor last November.


And being Seattle, with their sci-fi/com-cal bent, Star Trek actor George Takei – that’s Mr Sulu to you and me, helmsman of the USS Enterprise – who is now an activist for gay and civil rights, was the celebrity grand marshall of the parade this year. The parade – along Fourth Avenue, right outside my apartment; and when I went out, so resembled a Village People reunion I was practically doing the dance to YMCA – was one of the largest in Seattle Pride history, with an estimated 200 groups participating, including organisers from that first 1974 event when Seattle came out.


In 2012, Washington was one of the first states in the country to vote for marriage equality in a statewide referendum. Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and co-founder Bill Gates donated $100,000 each to the campaign supporting the state’s new gay marriage law. Microsoft is just one of several prominent Pacific Northwest businesses that expressed their support for same-sex marriage, including Starbucks. and Nike.


The pink economy and vote in Washington is very substantial and can’t be ignored – and anyone who holds a prejudice against LGBT Rights, do so here at their own peril. Live and let live, I say – though I am mightily relieved that being gay in Seattle isn’t quite compulsory….yet!


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