Here Comes Summer
Here Comes Summer
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Here in Seattle, summer isn’t such an exact science. It’s more like a beam of sunlight that escapes briefly through the haze to remind us what’s up above all those stratus clouds. Summer officially starts June 20; and the most obvious sign its here in Seattle is kids ready to run into the cooling water spray of the Seattle Center’s International Fountain.


Under the watchful eye of the futuristic Space Needle, how can kids resist the lure of a spaceship sculpture that vibrates and whose fountains shoot water, while at the same time all being synchronized to a symphony soundtrack?


Other signs that summer is here in Seattle – apart from the sight of naked cyclists in Fremont, where when the bikes stop, not everything else does – is an instant slump in Vitamin D sales, Birkenstock sandals being worn without socks, and your Gore-Tex jacket (the official dress of Seattle) reduced to staying in the closet for more than a week.


Nikkormat EL & Nikkor-SC Auto 50mm 1.4
B+W Circular Polarizer
Kodak Tri-X 400 (@250)
Xtol (1+1 – 7:45 min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan,


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