Bookworm City
Bookworm City
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With a Super Bowl title under their belt now, it’s doubtful that anyone in Seattle will care too much about their continued second-place showing – but for the fourth year in a row, Seattle has come runner-up to the “other” Washington, D.C., in the annual America’s Most Literate Cities rankings. Seattle last topped the rankings in 2009.


Central Connecticut State University, which conducts the study, ranked the 77 U.S. cities with populations of at least 250,000 by six key indicators of literacy: “bookstores, educational attainment, Internet resources, library resources, periodical publishing resources and newspaper circulation.” You only need to board a Metro bus during the daily commute to see that Seattle is a bookworm city – you’ll find every other passenger either busy reading their Kindle (well, this is Amazon city, after all) or an actual print book.


And this habit is not just restricted to the Metro daily commute. You’ll find Seattleites pulling out books to read at work, in the park, or even – as in today’s photo – while they are waiting to set up their stall at Pike’s Place Market. And thanks to the superb Seattle Central Library, I’m also currently working my way through Scott Eyman’s new hefty biographical tome, John Wayne: The Life and Legend, all 672 pages of it.  Will I finish it in time before its due back?  The Hell I won’t!


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