Come Blow Your Horn
Come Blow Your Horn
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He’s become something of an institution at Emerald Downs. No, not a leading jockey, trainer or a thoroughbred, but Dan Harrington the track bugler for the past 17 years or so. Dressed in a top hat, tails and riding boots, he’s easily noticed and very sought after. His main duty is playing the Call To Post every 30 minutes, but he has expanded his position beyond the average track bugler.


He’ll play anything from a Beatles tune to Hello Dolly to The Simpsons theme song if you really really want him to. Once he’s played for you, you get a much coveted “I’ve Been Bugled” sticker. He’s become the Emerald Downs answer to Mickey Mouse at Disneyland – everybody wants to see him and have their picture taken with him.


But Dan – who has a performance and masters degree in trumpet – wasn’t born to bugle. He worked as a Delta Airlines pilot until he was diagnosed with diabetes and because he takes insulin, the FAA wouldn’t let him fly. Shortly after he lost his job, a friend gave his name and number to Emerald Downs and he had an interview. The rest, as they say, was a Call To Post.


Leica MP & 50mm Summicron
B+W Yellow Filter
Kodak TMax 100 (@80)
Tmax Dev (1+49 @ 16:45 min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan