Which Way To Mecca?
Which Way To Mecca?
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Many consider the Mecca Cafe in Lower Queen Anne to be something of a dive – but as dive’s go, it’s a cool dive! This Seattle Institution shouldn’t be passed by, no matter how bad you may think it looks from the outside. The diner is lined with vintage vinyl booths and most of the decor has remained unaltered since the cafe’s inception in 1929 – and where else would you find staff wearing t-shirts with the diner’s logo, “Alcoholics Serving Alcoholics since 1929”?


The food in here is actually quite good, and you get a very generous helping at a good price. The staff are superb and also know how to make great Bloody Mary’s; and their drinks tariff is very reasonable as Seattle economics go. Honestly, if this were a theme-chain restaurant, they would most likely pay a small fortune to get this throwback styling just the way it naturally is here.  


And who can resist the delights of the two-for-one Burger Tuesdays? This has become something of a Tuesday ritual for me – but don’t for one moment think I double up on the unbelievable cheese burgers and fries while there.  I tend to box one portion and hand it to the local Real Change guy outside of Safeways, as I do the shopping.


Take my tip and don’t just walk by this unassuming, yet iconic little greasy spoon.


Leica M6 Classic & 50mm Summicron
B+W Yellow Filter
Ilford Delta100 (@64)
Perceptol (1+1 – 13:30min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan


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