Skip Backwards
Skip Backwards
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I’ve always wondered why people (young men in particular) wear baseball caps backward. I have even seen caps worn to the side. You might suggest that the wearing of caps in this manner is considered hip. So many are wearing caps this way that it has become the norm. It often makes me wonder if you wear hats the “right” way are you considered to be a geek?


Nobody really knows for sure how this practice of wearing baseball caps backwards actually began. It might have been observed originally on baseball catchers so as not to impinge their line of vision. Now it seems to be hip and is associated with urban “punk” type gangs – and it is most widely believed to have originated as a street craze through gang-related styling necessity in the US prison system. 


One theory is that prisoners wore the caps this way so that they could get closer to loved one’s when pressing themselves up against the glass divider on visiting days. It’s thought that kids visiting in prisons with their mothers, copied the fad onto the streets after seeing fathers or elder brothers wearing baseball caps with the skip backwards.  


The US prison system is also responsible for giving to the world the sartorial elegance of pants hanging down and untied shoes.  Massive, eh?


Leica M3 & 50mm Summilux ASPH
B+W Yellow Filter
Sekonic L-308S
Ilford Delta Professional 400 (@200)
Rodinal (1+50 – 11min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan