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It’s been eight years now since I last owned a car, and also eight years since I last drove one. Doing my bit for the environment by reducing my carbon footprint has certainly been made a hell of a lot easier by living in downtown Seattle and utilising a combination of the Metro bus service and my trusty Brompton folding bike. And I can honestly say that you meet a better class of people travelling by bus rather than driving in your car – and even if you are alone in the car!


But, alas, Metro Transit has taken a political hit of late with reduced funding. First, just a few years ago, the downtown free ride scheme was abolished – what a great service that allowed you to travel on any bus from one end of downtown to the other, from Belltown down to Pioneer Square. But now there’s a more serious raft of fund-cutting coming after King County voters shot down Proposition 1 last month, a tax package that could have saved Metro bus service from 550,000 hours’ worth of service cuts. More than 150 bus routes will be affected, and dozens of routes are set to be “deleted” entirely.


Metro Transit carries 400,000 riders each day and is vital in transporting people to work and to colleges and universities in the Seattle area. Now they have outlined prospective cuts, from suburban feeder lines to much-used bus lines serving such Seattle neighbourhoods as the Central Area, Leschi and Madrona.


Leica M6 Classic & 50mm Summilux v2
B+W Yellow Filter
Ilford FP4+ (@50)
Perceptol (Stock – 9min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan




  • The #7 through the Rainier Valley is the best. You don't need to travel to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, or Mexico to enjoy an international experience. It also helps to check ahead to find the correct bus to such far away places as Seward Park, so you don't have to walk 2 miles over a big hill.

    • Now Beth, who could possibly have managed to get the wrong bus by not knowing they had changed the service of the 36?

      • Our bus used to be the 39, which was discontinued a year ago, and morphed into the 50, which goes to West Seattle by way of SODO.