Big Red Redo
Big Red Redo
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We have a very rare dalliance with colour today, in honour of the start of the ‘Big Red Redo’, as Glazer’s Camera start phase one of their new development, with the main shop now gutted and relocated across the road to their old supplies shop (which re-opens today at noon), as the wrecking ball waits in the wings to demolish the old building.  And hopefully, in 2 years time or so, when its finished, Glazer’s – with company red livery and all – will once again return to its hallowed ground.


For those that don’t know the history, Glazer’s opened its door in 1935 on Seattle’s First Avenue, close to the historic Pioneer Square, which must make it one of the longest, continually running camera stores in the US. And it also has to be one of the best camera stores, period – and I don’t just say that because they allow me in. I’ve often compared Glazer’s to Cheers, that fabled TV bar where everyone knows your name; and the only thing that could make the experience at Glazer’s any better, is if they had bar stools installed and served drinks – and if they did, I think I’d get the part of barfly Norm!


The iconic big red wall of the main building has become something of a Seattle landmark – and I’ve suggested to the powers that be that, like the Berlin Wall, when it comes time for it to finally be torn down, they should allow all those photography aficionados to come take home a piece of the wall.


Leica MP & 50mm Summilux asph
Kodak Ektachrome 100
Processed & scanned Panda Lab




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