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Elliott Bay Book Co. in Pioneer Square: It was the heart of the hood for 30-plus years, until it moved to Capitol Hill in 2010. The new space is beautiful, but the iconic old EBB storefront embodied a time when Pioneer Square brimmed with art walks, print and promise.


But the move was forced, as Pioneer Square was slowly draining the lifeblood from the company. Over time, the historic neighbourhood started acquiring a somewhat questionable reputation — an edgy place for night clubs, street violence and homeless shelters. All of which meant the regulars and tourists started avoiding EBB, and there was a general fear it could well close its doors for good.


The move of thousands of books and staff though across town to a renovated space at 1521 10th Ave. on Capitol Hill has proved to be a wonderful fit; and despite being in a digital age of e-books, EBB is once again thriving.


Leica M3 & 50mm Summilux asph
B+W Yellow Filter
Sekonic L308-S
Ilford Delta 400 (@200)
Rodinal (1+50 – 11min)
Plustek 7600i & Vuescan