Steamed Orca
Steamed Orca
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No, not the latest Seattle fish dish, as the title would suggest.  Like so many big cities, Seattle has its share of graffiti. Leave a wall bare for any length of time and then someone who thinks he/she is a budding Banksy is bound to tag it with something less than desirable. Fortunately, there is a number of talented artists who got to some of those walls first – one such being the wonderful Orca mural by James Crespinel, painted on the Seattle Steam Company plant, located behind Pike’s Place Market at the corner of Western Avenue and Union Street.


And forget solar and wind, because steam power may be an old solution to new problems. Founded in 1893, Seattle Steam is the original sustainable energy company. The privately-owned public utility provides a cost-effective, reliable and environmentally-friendly heat source for use in heating buildings, generating hot water, humidity control and sterilization. The energy is distributed through 18 miles of pipe under one-square mile of downtown Seattle to many of the city’s office buildings, hospitals, hotels and college campuses.


In 2009, Seattle Steam began its conversion to renewable energy by installing a new boiler that can burn clean urban waste wood, making it possible to use renewable biomass as its primary source of fuel. Renewable energies, cleaner environment and urban art all in one – now that’s the sort of utility company you can support.


Leica M6 Classic & 40mm Summicron-C

B+W Yellow Filter

Ilford FP4+(@100)

Perceptol (Stock – 12min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan