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My barbershop trio (anther one and I could have called it a barbershop quartet – though thankfully without the straw hats and singing!) comes to an end with another Seattle institution, namely Rudy’s, the barbershop chain that was, in fact, founded here in Seattle in 1992, when the first shop opened on Capital Hill.


Known for their casual, retro-hip aesthetic, Rudy’s was inspired by Alex Calderwood following visit’s to yet another iconic Seattle barber, Sig’s on 3rd and Lenora. His idea was to combine the traditional barbershop experience with trendier hairstyles to appeal to the younger clientele. There are currently 15 Rudy’s in Seattle, Los Angeles, Portland and New York – and all with the same, wonderfully distinctive “Rudy’s” window livery frontage that looks into a poster and photo festooned wall, making it great to photograph.


Leica M3 & 50mm Summilux V2

Sekonic L-308S

Ilford Delta 100

Adox Adonal (1+50 – 14min)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan