The First Cut is the Deepest
The First Cut is the Deepest
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Beginning with the ancient civilisations  – sans the red, white and blue striped pole that spins round and round – of Greece, Rome, and Egypt, barber shops have historically been a place where men have gathered for not only a haircut, but often to shoot the breeze about local happenings, politics, news, weather, sporting events, and anything else under the sun.


There’s also the time-honoured tradition of a boys first barber shop cut; and invariably taken by their father. I remember this follicle rite of passage when I was about 4ish, while back home in sunny Springburn, where barbers didn’t take any prisoners. Father had his traditional trim with a good dollop of Brylcreem on top for good measure, while I happily played with a plastic stacking ring clown that was obviously brought along to lull me into a false sense of security. Then when he finished, the dreaded plank was quickly placed across the arms of the chair, as I was hoiked into position to discover the hard way that the first cut was definitely the deepest. Ah, happy days.


Obviously the barber I went to – and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he went by the name of ‘Mr S Todd’ – was not a patch on Sergio’s at Pike Place Market. With all those wonderful colourful magazines of scantily clad women on the table, the kid in the photo obviously liked the idea of becoming a regular at a man’s man barber shop. Mother doesn’t look too keen on it though, does she? I think she’s thinking ‘salon stylist’ here.


Leica MP & 50mm Summilux V2 preasph

Kodak TMax 400 (@320)

B+W Yellow Filter

Adonal (Rodinal) – 1+50 @ 10 min

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan



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  • I just returned from Hanoi, where I saw men getting haircuts right out on the street, amongst all the density of motorscooters, vendors, and general chaos of people eating pho at sidewalk "cafes". Wish I'd taken a photo.