Opium Oasis
Opium Oasis
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“What Can Brown Do For You?” is the award-winning slogan for United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) that went into The Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame in New York. Here in Seattle, we can claim “Brown” at least provided a tranquil oasis of calm amid the hustle and bustle of Downtown where, on Second Avenue and Main Street, you can find the secluded – and very easy to walk past without knowing its there – Waterfall Gardens.


Step through a tall gateway at the sidewalk and you are transported to a green and peaceful garden setting of Japanese maples and pots of bright flowers amidst cafe tables and chairs that beckon one to sit and enjoy the quiet, unexpected beauty, the main feature of the park designed by Masao Kinoshita being a 22-foot urban waterfall in the middle of the Pioneer Square area. It commemorates the spot where, in 1907, James E. “Jim” Casey first founded the behemoth global package delivery company in a saloon as the American Messenger Company. In 1913 he merged with another small competitor and used the name Merchant’s Parcel Delivery. Finally, in 1919 the company became UPS, and it stuck. They relocated to New York in 1930, from there to Connecticut, and later to Atlanta, Georgia, where it’s headquartered today.


And to think it was all started by drug running in Seattle! When UPS was born its initial, primary mission was to deliver opium (legal at the time) around America that came into the Seattle ports from Asia.


Leica M3 & f4/21mm Super-Angulon

B+W Orange Filter

Sekonic L308-S

Kodak Tri-X 400 (@250)

HC-110 (Dil.H – 1:63 @ 8:00 minutes)

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan