‘Tis the $eason
‘Tis the $eason
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‘Tis the $eason to be anti-consumerist and agit-shop — especially as a camera crew follows the Reverend Billy across the USA the month before Christmas, as he preaches in malls against our shopping-hungry culture as families suffer from the rise of debt attributed to the Shopocalypse.


He is happy to throw himself on the floor in a fit of religious ecstasy, perform cash register exorcisms or go carolling with the 35 members of his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, who sing anti-shopping and anti-corporate seasonal songs, such as Fill the Malls With Wealthy People, to the tune of Deck the Halls. He does all this and much, much more in the hilarious 2007 documentary, What Would Jesus Buy?


The film takes the viewer into the homes of families as they max out their credit cards to live up to the Consumer Ideal of Christmas, while also telling personal stories from those who remember the holidays as a simpler, less commercial, and more joyful time. Interviews with labor rights experts, historians, and spiritual leaders reveal how the consumerization of the holiday season over time taught Americans they can only show love for their children by purchasing toys made by other children in overseas sweatshops.


Leica M6 Clssic & 50mm pre-asph Summilux

Kodak TMax 400,

Xtol (1+1 – 10 min),

Plustek 7600i & Vuescan